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About MyNextBook.in

MyNextBook.in is fast emerging as the favourite go-to online bookstore for the latest and a diversified collection of books on various subjects such as

  • College and school books on chemistry, biochemistry, engineering books, mathematics, science, social sciences, humanities, English and Hindi and other languages, law, and other help and guide books.
  • Competition entrance examination books
  • Books on communication and journalism
  • Books on management
  • All available school textbooks
  • Self-help books
  • Books on computer science

In fact, the above list is just a small glimpse of the vast online repository of books that we have listed on MyNextBook.in.

Although there are more than 2.5 lakh books in our catalogue (we are adding thousands more every passing day), they are organised under various categories and subcategories so that you can find the books you need in just a few clicks.

Whichever book you decide to purchase, we have a very simple checkout process.

For example, books are organised into categories such as “self-help books”, “computer science books”, “management books”, “competition entrance exam books”, “schoolbooks”, “mathematics books”, “medical books”, “engineering books”, “fiction books”, and so on. Just go to the appropriate category and buy the book you want to get.

Our book search engine allows you to search for books by title, author, category, subjects, price, ISBN, and other related information.

Just find the book you are looking for, add it to the shopping cart,and place the order using your convenient payment mode. On our website you can use Cash-on-Delivery (CoD), PayTM and all contemporary digital wallets, net banking and all major credit and debit cards. We can deliver your book practically everywhere in India since we cover more than 20,000 pin codes.

To make it easier to find the right book, for your reading and studying pleasure many of the books are accompanied by editorial descriptions and specifications. We have used high-resolution images so that you can see the book cover and other details properly. We have employed a highly motivated and diverse team of experts and professionals to maintain our vast online catalogue of books.

To make sure that you get your favourite textbooks, self-help books, self-improvement books and literary books, we are collaborating with the leading national and international book publishers and distributors from different industries and genres. This enables us to bring you even those titles that are not easily available on other online bookstores. We cater to the reading taste buds of all age groups.

At MyNextBook.in we are constantly and persistently endeavouring to raise the bar of customer satisfaction and fulfilment across all segments of book lovers. Buying books online isn’t just a matter of convenience, we believe that whenever you purchase a book from our online catalogue, you set a lasting relationship that is steeped in wisdom, knowledge and higher learning.

MyNextBook.in is a proud venture of RabKaps Technologies Private Limited, a Technology Company based out of Chandigarh and has its office in New Delhi.

MyNextBook.in is a one-stop online bookstore for educational, scholarly and literary books.

Not intending to rest on our laurels, we plan to enhance our collection of books on an ongoing basis. Our catalogue will be constantly evolving with new titles and updated editions while keeping our prices competitive.

MyNextBook – Explore the enriching world of books.